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O’Leary Law Firm compliments its real estate development and litigation practice with commercial lease counseling, negotiation, litigation, and commercial leasing document production.

Numerous legal risks and business liabilities can arise in transactions involving negotiation of commercial leases for retail, industrial, warehouse, office, manufacturing facilities and other commercial real estate.

Commercial leasing attorney John O’Leary understands the components of lease agreements, including terms and conditions and the assessment of cost versus business risk. By combining our business experience and our extensive knowledge of leasing, we offer our clients a practical, balanced approach to allocating risk and negotiating leases.

Let our experience in commercial lease matters be your advantage.

Representing both lessee and lessor, O’Leary Law Firm can assist in the drafting, review and negotiation of your lease. We work to ensure that our clients agree to leases with favorable terms, and effectively represent clients in commercial lease litigation.

We represent Chicago Area commercial landlords and tenants in all aspects of drafting and negotiating commercial leases and litigation arising from disputes over commercial leases including but not limited to:

  • Drafting and Negotiating short and long term retail leases
  • Fixed Rate and Triple Net Leases
  • Percentage Rent leases
  • Shopping Center and Common Area Maintenance provisions
  • Lease options and extensions
  • Landlord and Tenant Buildout Agreements
  • Exclusive Use provisions and restrictions
  • Rent payment collection and payment disputes

A sample of clients that we have successfully helped in commercial leasing matters:

  1. Commercial Landlords who want an efficient, understandable retail lease for their retail tenants that will clearly express the rights and responsibilities of both parties and protect them in the event of a tenant default.
  2. We have represented Commercial office Tenants in downtown high-rises who want to negotiate the best terms that they can get for their lease and make sure that it provides them enough leverage to make sure the landlord timely completes their buildout so they can move in and get to work on their business.
  3. Commercial Tenants in disputes over the cost, delay, quality of construction of landlord buildouts of leased space.
  4. Represented Operators of Chicago Downtown Parking Garage in litigation of leasing dispute.

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