Mechanics Lien “Last Day of Work”

When is the “Last Day of Work” for Perfecting an Illinois Mechanic’s Lien? A subcontractor on a construction project does not have any contractual relationship with the Owner of the property where it either performs its work or delivers materials, so the subcontractor or material supplier does not have contract rights to collect payment from … Read more

Damages For Delay in Construction Projects

Damages for Delay in Construction Projects

Best practices for recovering damages for delays in construction (and avoiding them altogether)

Construction projects are complicated undertakings from the standpoint of both owners and contractors. One aspect that we have to anticipate – and which is most frequently the subject of dispute, disagreement, conflict and stress for the parties – is the scheduling of the work and the timely completion of the project.

Time is money. Delays in construction put all parties at risk.

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Homeowner Remodeling Contract

Homeowner Remodeling Contract What to Look For in Contracts with your Remodeling Contractor One of the largest expenditures that homeowners will make during their lifetimes is for the remodeling of their homes. The average expenditure spent on home remodeling in the Chicago Area in 2015 was $278,000.