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Founded by John O’Leary in Chicago, Illinois, O’Leary Law Firm opened its doors in 1999. John is a Chicago real estate attorney experienced in Construction Law, Condominium Law, Real Estate Development and Commercial Leasing.

When it comes to construction projects, condo association issues or residential and commercial real estate matters, the difference between a smooth project and one fraught with set-backs and conflict often comes down to knowledgeable and responsive legal counsel.

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We Help Prevent and Resolve Construction, Condominium Association and Real Estate Development Disputes

Many suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors are honest people who provide materials, complete work and then expect to be paid—sometimes waiting too long, even though they have been promised payment and have a valid contract—And then they aren’t paid or have to fight for payment.

O’Leary Law Firm, LLC helps contractors who have not been paid. We help sub-contractors deep into a project and the contractor was holding back payment.

Many Condominium Association Board members struggle with how to interpret complex rules and regulations, or struggle to repair faulty construction.

Chicago real estate attorney John O’Leary helps associations understand the application and enforcement of rules and regulations or amendments. O’Leary Law Firm, LLC helps condominium associations that have faulty construction.

Four Things to Know About Us

  • Our passion about your issues – we focus only on Construction Law, Condominium Law, Real Estate Development and Commercial Leasing.
  • Our experience – Thirty years trial experience with litigation experience plus personal experience developing real estate, managing construction issues, commercial leasing and condominium related issues. We have real skin in the game and we have real experience with all of the legal issues and tactics to employ in order to successfully resolve a construction dispute, draft a good construction contract, resolve issues condominium association owners face, or tackle real estate development or commercial leasing matters.
  • Our clients – Contractors, sub-contractors, materials suppliers, developers, property owners, property managers, condominium associations, and commercial tenants.
  • Our technology – Our processes and technology allow us to manage your matter efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

Chicago Real Estate Attorney – On Your Side, At Your Side.

From the beginning of your project through completion—or any phase in between—O’Leary Law Firm is able to assist you.

The first step toward resolving your legal issues is to contact our firm. Ensure your project moves forward as productively as possible: Discuss your matter with John today.